Oita Bank Dome

Oita Bank Dome Profile

  • LOCATION: Oita City, Japan
  • COUNTRY: Japan
  • YEAR OPENED: 2001
  • CAPACITY: 43,000
  • OWNER: Oita Prefecture
  • GAME: Track and Field

This stadium is called Ōita Bank Dome or perhaps Daigin Dome as a possible abbreviated style, by naming rights. It absolutely was formerly named as Kyushu Essential oil Dome sponsored with the Kyushu Essential oil until first 2010. It is primarily for soccer, and is the residence field of J. Category club Oita Trinita. It absolutely was designed with the famous architect Kisho Kurokawa, in addition to built by means of KT Party, Takenaka Institution.

Oita will be the home of an J. League team Oita Trinita which includes been progressively climbing upward inside the rankings due to the fact their promotion on the first division, in 2003. In 2002 the particular team moved thus to their new residence venue, Oita "Big Eye" Stadium, and the affect team budget and performance have been hard for you to miss.

Oita Prefectural Stadium -- originally generally known as "Big Eye", yet later designated the excrable business nickname "Kyushu Essential oil Dome"-- seemed to be completed inside late 2001, and became the house stadium of Oita Trinita inside 2002. The 2002 World Cup venue is often a marvel of engineering, and a magnificent bit of architecture.

The name "Big Eye" is very apt, because stadium will be shaped just like a big eyesight looking way up, with a new roof that may open in addition to close such as an eyelid. The around stadium ceiling is suspended about the core arena base, and from a distance it almost looks like it is some kind of huge soaring saucer, hovering only above the ground.

In actuality, Oita Stadium can be less popular than a number of the other 2002 World Cup settings, but inside the architectural entire world, it is among the highlights. It seemed to be chosen by means of Architecture Week magazine because the best arena design on this planet, in 2001.

The stationary portion of the ceiling is clad in titanium, presenting it a new futuristic appearance. The interior is incredibly light in addition to airy, as a result of the Teflon panels in the movable ceiling structure. The membrane isn't only lighter inside weight as compared to glass, however it has excellent tensile strength and is impermeable for you to weather. The retracting roof operates that has a drive-type cable traction method. When concluding, the ceiling sections progress from both the sides along the main order arch, meeting exactly above the middle of the industry, just such as an eyelid concluding shut.